Mariabruna Fabrizi and Fosco Lucarelli (Socks-Studio / Microcities) will contribute as content curators to “The Form of Form“, one of the three main exhibitions of the 2016 Lisbon Architecture Triennale, which will take place in Lisbon between Oct, 6th and Dec, 11th, 2016. Directed by chief curators Diogo Seixas Lopes and André Tavares, the 4th edition of the Triennale (also named: “The Form of Form”) “aims to readdress current trends and explore the possibility of architecture as a cultural device to produce built forms. In other words, it aims to explore the ways in which architecture transforms the world.”

The Form of Form”, the exhibition for which we will curate the content, accompanied by the design and constructions by Kersten Geers (Office KGDVS), Mark Lee (Johnston Marklee) and Nuno Brandão Costa, explores one of architecture’s fundamental legacies: “its own form. Not only is history built from this visual universe, but form is also a common language that aggregates architects from all over the world around a collective conversation. In this exhibition, which starts from a potentially infinite archive, three architects build a dialog that challenges notions of authorship and the limits of form.”