Microcities have been interviewed by architect, curator and editor Ana Dana Beroš for “Reality of Space”, a program on Croatian Radio Channel 3.Here’s the link to the interview (in Croatian only):


TURN ON THE RADIO: Croatian Radio 3, today at 16:03 CET, Italian architects Mariabruna Fabrizi and Fosco Lucarelli, founders of Microcities practice based in Paris, will talk about the contemporary existential violence connected with immaterial labour, and the design of non-canonical spaces, in which the blurring of the physical and temporal line between life, work and education occurs. Microcities investigate also the idea of housing, of private space, which absorbs more and more public, city-like functions. Mariabruna and Fosco are the editors of ‘Socks’, a blog expanding into a ‘visual atlas’, working on the associations and affinities of images and themes to produce ‘knowledge through imagination’, in Didi-Huberman’s words.

Croatian Radio